Clinton may need Ohio

NY City mayor in Lima touting Hillary

By Greg Sowinski -

LIMA — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a 20-minute stop Sunday in Lima urging about 40 people at the Democratic Headquarters to get out and talk to people.

De Blasio asked them to talk to people about voting for his friend, Hillary Clinton, for president. He said Ohio may decide the race.

“Lima and Allen County are the center of the universe. I come from a place we are very proud and we have our own swagger, but I say with humility you have something we don’t have, and I say it with a certain envy, as well. You get to decide the future of the country,” de Blasio said.

Bill de Blasio was making the rounds in Ohio over the weekend as Clinton was taking time off to rest and prepare for the final presidential debate on Wednesday.

He said Clinton will take on Wall Street to create reform.

“She has said very clearly that the hedge fund should no longer get tax breaks that they have enjoyed for too long,” de Blasio said.

de Blasio downplayed the fact Clinton has received $123 million from Wall Street hedge fund owners and employees compared to $19,000 that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump received.

“You can take a donation. You can meet with people. It does not mean you are going to do what they want you to do,” de Blasio said.

But Allen County Republican Party Chairman Keith Cheney said the large amount of money Clinton has accepted from Wall Street people shows she’s looking out for the Wall Street elite and not the middle class working people.

De Blasio said Clinton’s lack of trust by the majority of the American people is something people should not be concerned with. He said he has known her for 16 years and served as her first campaign manager during her 2000 U.S. Senate race. He said she has good values that look out for the country.

Cheney said the fact two-thirds of the American people do not trust Clinton or what she says is proof enough. Cheney said Clinton looks out for the elite of society and has not respect for the law.

“She believes she can do whatever she wants,” Cheney said.

Cheney pointed to Clinton refusing to release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street corporate leaders. He also said she lied to Congressional leaders about the attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi in 2012 and then lied to the parents of two former Navy SEALS killed in the attacks while she stood next to their caskets.

“One of the Ten Commandments is thou shall not lie. She certainly has done that,” Cheney said.
NY City mayor in Lima touting Hillary

By Greg Sowinski

Reach Greg Sowinski at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

Reach Greg Sowinski at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

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