Amazon seeks local businesses to assist with deliveries

LIMA — Amazon has been in Lima looking for businesses to become their delivery partner. Amazon will deliver a number of packages to a local business to be delivered by the local business to Amazon customers who have bought Amazon products by 8 p.m. that evening, all within a 6-mile radius of the participating local business.

Julie Leach, field acquisition manager for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana said, “So what we’re doing is recruiting businesses that will sign to deliver 20 to 50 packages a day. If you sign on with us, our driver would bring the packages right to your store. You scan the packages into your phone and it builds a route for your deliveries and you have until 8 p.m. to deliver those packages. You get paid for every package you deliver. This is a way to get our packages right to the customers. It will decrease delivery time.”

There are a number of items for consideration. A 6-mile radius is an area of 113.1 square miles. Amazon does require deliverers to have a general liability insurance policy of $1-2 million. It is a seven day per week commitment. There are a number a pieces of paperwork that must be submitted. Documents showing a business tax registration, tax ID number and employer identification number are a few of the items necessary. You will not be the only deliverer in the area. Amazon will have multiple delivery partners in each area.

Some local business owners feel that Amazon has not been a friend to small business, undercutting prices of mom and pop shops throughout the country. They take issue with Amazon now that they are now asking many of those same small businesses for help.

For more information on contracting your business with Amazon, contact Amazon representatives Julie Leach at 989-501-1600 or Brittani Jackson at 419-306-5427 or at [email protected]

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