Bringing whiskey home

LIMA — A new Lima business is inviting you to raise a glass to toast their efforts. Local native Lee Schmiedebusch brings the experience of whiskey tasting to Main St.

Purple Feet Wine Boutique hosted the Allen County Whiskey Society on Saturday afternoon. The event was held at 230 N. Main St..

Schmiedebusch, an executive bourbon steward, went on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky that changed everything.

“About two years ago I went down to Lousiville to whiskey school,” said Schmiedebusch. “It was a class where I got to distill 200 gallons of whiskey. I also learned the chemistry and history of whiskey. Seeing that I work here at Purple Feet I felt it went hand in hand. Now we have over 100 whiskeys here for people to try.”

He decided to not only bring the whiskey to Lima but to create an experience for those who enjoy the drink as well.

“There are a lot of people that have interest in different bottles that we don’t have here in Ohio or even different experiences,” added Schmiedebusch. “I thought to myself why not get a group of people together once a month to be able to talk, share and learn about whiskey? At home, I have a bottle of 1969 unopened granddad that could be something that I could bring to share with the group.”

The goal of the society is to engage community members interested in trying new bourbons. Schmiedebusch added gatherings will not only happen locally but in different states to share the experience with members of the group.

“It is like a once-in-a-lifetime chance where we can get together and go to Kentucky and check out a distillery,” said Schmiedebusch. “I want to get everyone together who enjoys whiskey. So we can learn, talk and fellowship.”

The society had its first official meeting Saturday. The group plans to continue to meet once a month to share bottles they have obtained and life stories.

“I believe this will be a really fun group to try new things we would not have been able to try before,” added Schmiedebusch.

For more information reach Purple Feet Wine Boutique at 567-940-9944.

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.