VIDEO: Non-profit creates scholarships for artists

LIMA — What happens when seven local organizations decide to form an art collaborative? A new legacy of art in a region is born. Legacy Arts is a non-profit organization that is paving the way for creatives in the Lima region.

The team consists of Alter Ego Comics, Legacy Sounds Studio, Rustgaze Records, Shop for Good, NOW Marketing Group, The Meeting Place on Market and Purple Feet Wine Boutique.

The collaboration began in 2019 when local developers decided to create a space for artists alike.

The legacy will now continue with a new scholarship opportunity.

Local artists are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to fulfill their dreams. The scholarships range from $500-$3,000. While applying, artists are encouraged to share their hope for their future projects and the amount needed for them to move forward.

“To apply you want to describe what kind of project you want to accomplish and how much you need,” said Jennifer Brogee, CEO of The Meeting Place on Market. “Applicants will also need to describe the timeline in which they want to accomplish it.”

The scholarship will not only include designated financial support but a mentor and promotional opportunities for the artist.

“Every member of Legacy Arts has found success as an artist and/or entrepreneur in the Lima region, and it’s our time to give back and encourage others to do the same,” said Marc Bowker, co-owner of Alter Ego Comics, Live at the Lab and co-founder of Legacy Arts in a recent press release. “We want to help others achieve their dreams while enhancing the community that we’ve all chosen to call home.”

The hope is to encourage artists to accomplish their goals and invest in the community.

”We are doing this to help promote creative growth in the Lima area,” added Brogee. “We want to support artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to serve the Lima community in that way. We do believe creating a great piece of music or piece of art or a new business is a way to serve.”

To apply visit Applications are due by the end of December. Winners will be announced on January 31.

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.