LCIC meets to develop a plan

LIMA — The Board of Directors of the Lima Community Improvement Corporation met Tuesday evening to discuss the business of the non-profit organization. Board members discussed the progress of the Make it Home program and goals for the Strategic Planning Committee.

The LCIC was developed in September 2021 to ensure housing rehabilitation in the City of Lima. The overall goal of the committee is to develop plans to rebuild the city.

”We have had our first training session with the group and have obtained some interesting information. The center for community progress is teaching us about the Make it Home program,” said Susan Crotty, Community Development Director. “The program began in Detroit. It assists tenants to become homeowners when the home they are renting is being foreclosed on. We have gone over basic information on the program. The staff will give us recommendations on how we can replicate the program in our city.”

Phil Downing of the Strategic Planning Committee discussed the goals, objectives, and deliverables of the Committee.

”We wanted to focus today on really drawing down on the work plan. A collection of the goals and subsequent objectives under those goals and the tasks and deliverables that need to be accomplished in order to achieve those goals,” said Downing.

“I want to establish the specific goals identified by the committee in these meetings and the board. This includes to improve housing stock, acquire properties in priority areas and determine the best disposition, sell the property to developing partners or keep it to be rehabilitated by the LCIC or sold to a qualifying homeowner,” he said.

In addition to the rehabilitation of existing properties, members of the committee wanted to continue to ensure affordability and accountability to landlords and homeowners.

”I want to raise the issue of affordability and I think it was important that you all brought up the issue that the majority of our housing hub is rental,” said Mayor Sharetta Smith.

The committee hopes to continue to make the effort to improve the overall housing needs in the city of Lima.