Cops issue warning after 8 heroin overdoses in 2 days in Allen County

By Greg Sowinski - [email protected]

LIMA — Eight overdoses in two days, all of which nearly killed the people, have put law enforcement on edge. Officials are warning of a dangerous batch of heroin that has made its way into Allen County.

“This is a lot when you see eight people in a few days. It’s not a good sign,” Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish said Thursday.

The overdoses have been throughout the county, including in the city of Lima, Crish said.

Officers are called along with paramedics, who administer Narcan to the person in distress. Narcan is an opiate antidote, blocking or reversing the effects of opioids such as heroin.

This follows a wave of heroin overdoses in Cincinnati, where officials handled 78 overdoses in two days and 174 overdoses within a week. Officials there suspected a drug used to sedate elephants, according to the Associated Press.

Officials have an even bigger fear that a batch of heroin is being laced with fentanyl, making a dangerous drug even more dangerous, Crish said.

“When you mix the two, the result usually is death. You have a really high risk of dying because of the fentanyl,” Crish said.

Crish said that trend is being seen across the state.

Crish urges anyone with a heroin or opioid addiction to get help before they end up dead. Dealers are not concerned with mixing the drugs; they are just in it for the money, so the user has no idea how potent the batch is, Crish said.

“You have no idea what you’re putting into your body,” Crish said.

Meanwhile, law enforcement is trying to determine whether the eight overdoses are connect to the same batch. They also want to find the dealer. If anyone has information on the dealer, call the sheriff’s office at 419-227-3535 or Lima Police Department at 419-227-4444.

By Greg Sowinski

[email protected]

Reach Greg Sowinski at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

Reach Greg Sowinski at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

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