Don Stratton: Trump wants support of FOP; Hillary doesn’t care

Don Stratton - Guest Column

A lot of Republicans don’t like Donald Trump, and may refuse to vote for him. If you are one of those, and if you believe in law and order, maybe there are a few things that you should think about.

First and foremost, not voting for Trump means either not voting at all, voting for Hillary Clinton, or voting for another candidate. Any option other than a Trump vote just increases his chance of losing. Some don’t agree, but it should be obvious that any vote that Trump does not get just reduces his chance for election. Unless you really want Hillary, along with at least four more years of lawlessness emanating from the White House, then maybe you should rethink your position.

If you abhor the attacks that have been taking place against police officers all over the country, then Donald Trump is your only choice. The National Fraternal Order of Police submitted questionnaires to both candidates, asking them their position on law enforcement matters. Donald Trump answered the questions, and even met with FOP leaders for 40 minutes, frequently asking them questions so that he would be better informed on law enforcement matters.

Compare Trump’s actions and position with that of Hillary, whose campaign not only refused to answer the questionnaire, but went so far as to state that she is not interested in the support of the FOP. And get this — Hillary did solicit the support of the Black Lives Matter movement, showing that she prefers the support of a group with some leaders who have spoken out in support of murdering police officers, to the support of the officers themselves.

I learned years ago that people’s attitude towards police officers says a lot about their character, and that actions speak louder than words. Hillary has been known, ever since Bill was the Arkansas governor to be arrogant, abusive, insulting, demeaning, and threatening towards officers on her personal security detail. Donald Trump acts more like Ronald Reagan did, and actually thanks those who provide his security.

As one sometimes criticized for speaking my own mind, I find Trump’s honesty in saying what he thinks to be somewhat refreshing. He may not be likeable, but at least he is not afflicted with the disease of pervasive political correctness that dominates today; a disease that has infected our society to the point that group after group of people have been declared off limits to even criticism. Of course there is still open season on anyone who is a Christian or a Jew, since Islam is the only religion our current leaders try to shield from criticism.

Trump is not supported by many Washington insiders. Could it be that a person who can’t be bought makes the many people in Washington for whom cash favors have become a way of life, fear that he might derail their gravy train?

There are many good, honest politicians, but let’s face it, both parties in Washington are controlled and manipulated by career politicians who would hustle their sister for a contribution, legal or illegal, to their campaign coffers. Of course they have also passed laws permitting themselves to later convert those slush funds to their own use.

Donald Trump does not need slush funds, while Bill and Hillary thrive on them and are recognized masters at enriching themselves by questionable means. Everyone should read Charles Krauthammer’s analysis of the Clinton’s phony charitable foundations; he describes them as a “Criminal enterprise” specializing in money laundering, and hiding behind Canadian law to avoid scrutiny from our own government. They are so corrupt that even their tax-exempt charitable contributions got to their “foundation” and are funneled back to themselves. But our present lawless administration won’t prosecute them for any misconduct, no matter how serious.

A Hillary victory would mean replacing a lawless Chicago thug with the most corrupt person ever to run for office. The choices may not be the best in this election, but there is still only one that won’t finish the job of ruining our way of life that was started by Obama; it surely isn’t a woman who lies, cheats, sells favors, hates the police and flaunts the law.

Don Stratton

Guest Column

Don Stratton is a retired inspector for the Lima Police Department. He writes a guest column for The Lima News, often focusing on police matters.

Don Stratton is a retired inspector for the Lima Police Department. He writes a guest column for The Lima News, often focusing on police matters.

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