Ohio Department of Agriculture to begin gypsy moth treatments in northwest Ohio

REYNOLDSBURG — The Ohio Department of Agriculture will soon begin aerial treatments designed to control the gypsy moth population in northwest Ohio. Treatments on 827 acres in Hancock, Hardin, Marion, Seneca, Van Wert and Wyandot counties will begin in mid-May.

Treatments are administered using a low-flying aircraft that flies just above treetops and will most likely take place during early morning hours.

The department will use Foray, a naturally occurring bacterium found in the soil that interferes with the caterpillars’ feeding cycles, and Mimic 2LV, an insecticide that imitates the natural insect molting hormone. The ODA says these treatments are not toxic to humans, pets, birds or fish.

Ohioans can view maps of treatment blocks at http://agri.ohio.gov. Daily updates on treatment progress across the state are available on the website or by calling 614-387-0907 or 800-282-1955, ext. 37.


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