Letter: Me a racist and not you?

Why wasn’t the recent article on Page 7A, “Blacks behind hanged figure,” placed on Page 1 of The Lima News?

The Lima News and all other controlled news outlets should know that this type of news management is the very essence of racial rage. When race wars happen, what part will the news media have played?

If this event had been instigated by whites, it would be on the front page of every paper in the nation with glaring headlines. The news media would be calling whites a string a pre-programmed names like racists, white supremacists, Ku Klux Klanners, with a few antisemitic accusations thrown in for good measure.

The Page 7A story noted, “News outlets quote Salisbury University spokesman Richard Culver saying that blacks did it. He declined to identify them citing privacy rules.”

If this had been planned and carried out by whites, their names would have been carefully inserted in several places in an article that took up one-fourth of a page. Meanwhile, the Page 7A story is only a few paragraphs long and the writers of the article said a racial slur was used, but they would not identify it. How do we know a racial slur was used?

Another quote from the article says Culver and university police consulted with prosecutors and that criminal charges would not be filed at this time.

I am sick and tired of being labeled with all of the above buzzwords created by the political correctness.

— James O’Neill, Middle Point


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