Allen County Marriages and Divorces


Collin C. Reid, 23, Columbus Grove, and Jene P. Sommers, 23, Columbus Grove; Thomas J. Burden Sr., 68, Lima, and Linda L. Anderson, 67, Lima; Patrick G. Gossard, 24, Lima, and Kayla M. McKenzie, 28, Lima; Bobbie Barnett Jr., 44, Columbus Grove, and Heather L. Martinez, 45, Spencerville; Konrad J. Modschiedler, 45, Lima, and Tina M. Snider, 44, Lima; Blake A. Zimmerman, 22, Lima, and Alison R. McClintock, 23, Lima; Erik T. Runneals, 33, Pandora, and Ellece K. Sperl, 33, Lima; Levi A. Sharp, 26, Lima, and Amanda M. Art, 25, Lima; Kameron L. Lykins, 24, Lima, and Kristin H. Foye, 23, Lima; Derald C. Clapper, 81, Lima, and Wilma M. Aldrich, 68, Lima; Thomas E. Brickman, 50, Lima, and Judy M. Neal, 46, Lima; Charles R. Bowen, 44, Lima, and Sommer D. Molitor, 25, Lima; Evan J. Dearth, 26, Lima, and Danielle M. Nicolai, 25, Lima; Alexander J. Wick, 21, Camp Pendleton, Calif., and Arianna L. Sassi, 18, Lima; Christopher T. Bruin, 32, Elida, and Samantha D. Smith, 24, Elida; David I. Strause II, 33, Spencerville, and Ashley M. Pool, 24, Lima.


Andrew and Jill Lewis; Shari L. and Christopher S. Wibley; Allison L. and Brandon D. Schaadt; Greg P. and Tammy L. Zack; Steven L. Foust and Sarah M. Eblin; Rachel and Cayne Bladen; Lisa K. and Russell L. Craft Jr.; Lindsey and Dana Beck; Nathaniel G. and Cynthia Swaney; Amberly N. and Tony M. Woods; Braden and Emily L. Beachy.

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