Inmate saves other inmate’s life at Allen County Humane Society

By Amy Eddings -

LIMA —The Allen County Humane Society is in the business of saving dogs and cats, but last Saturday, a different life was saved: that of Brady L. Hoop, 22, an Allen County Jail inmate who performs community service at the facility. He was saved by another inmate, John P. Neeley, 42, after passing out while performing community service duties at the animal facility.

“I was doing my rounds, taking care of the cats and suddenly, I heard John yell, ‘Brady! Brady!’” said Humane Society employee Lynn Swartz, 26. She said she rushed to the employee break room, where Neeley was, and found him in a staff bathroom trying to resuscitate Hoop. “He was blue and unresponsive. He looked dead,” said Swartz.

“Apparently, he [Hoop] was in the bathroom a long time,” said Sheriff Sam Crish. “Neeley was concerned and knocked on the door multiple times to try to get Brady to answer. There was no response, so he used a butter knife to get into the bathroom and found him unresponsive.”

Swartz called 911 and then she helped Neeley perform CPR on the stricken Hoop. “I did chest compression, John did the breaths. It felt like forever.” She said Hoop regained his color and his consciousness by the time emergency medical technicians arrived.

Sheriff Crish said Hoop was evaluated at Lima Memorial Health System and was released. He said Hoop “has a medical condition,” but did not know any other details. He said patient privacy rights limit the release of medical information.

“There’s no other issue. Iit had nothing to do with drugs or anything of that nature,” said Crish.

He commended Neeley for his swift actions.

Hoop is serving 180 days for fifth-degree felony theft from an elderly person. John Neeley is serving 180 days for misdemeanor theft. Both are scheduled to be released early next year.

The Allen County Humane Society currently holds about 175 abandoned or neglected animals, mostly cats. It utilizes the services of inmates through the county jail’s Trustee Program, which allows non-violent, low-level offenders to do community service outside the jail.

By Amy Eddings

Reach Amy Eddings at 567-242-0379 or Twitter, @lima_eddings.

Reach Amy Eddings at 567-242-0379 or Twitter, @lima_eddings.

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