2 pit bulls attack off-duty Lima Police Department officer

By Samantha Hoelscher - shoelscher@civitasmedia.com

LIMA — An off-duty Lima Police Department officer was hospitalized and two dogs killed after an encounter Monday.

Patrolman Mark Link was walking to his car Monday morning in the 900 block of North Elizabeth Street when he was attacked by two pit bulls. Link suffered bites to his head as he tried to fight off the dogs for a couple of minutes, police officials said. The dogs then started charging at others in the neighborhood.

One of the pit bulls that attacked Link had cornered an elderly neighbor the day before in her yard.

Police officers arrived and shot the dogs to prevent further attacks, said Allen County Dog Warden Julie Shellhammer.

Link was taken to St. Rita’s Medical Center, where he was treated, then released.

Officer Patricia Wogerman said she was told the small female dog had dug a hole under a fence and cornered an elderly neighbor on Sunday. That incident went unreported until Link was attacked Monday.

The dogs were owned by Patience Jackson, of 999 N. Elizabeth St. Jackson was cited for the dogs not having licenses, running at large, and another city ordinance, Shellhammer said.

“There have not been any previous problems with those dogs at that address,” she added.

The dogs were not immediately killed by the police gunfire. They were taken back to the dog warden’s office where they were later killed. The warden is required to inspect and test dogs for rabies that have been reported for attacking or biting another person.

The dogs are then labeled as a nuisance, dangerous or vicious depending on the severity of the bite and their behaviors.

By Samantha Hoelscher


Reach Samantha Hoelscher at 5567-242-0362 or on Twitter @Lima_Hoelscher

Reach Samantha Hoelscher at 5567-242-0362 or on Twitter @Lima_Hoelscher

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