Putnam County court records

Putnam County Common Pleas Court

May 27

The case against William D. Laibe, 28, 7437 U.S. Route 224, Ottawa, was dismissed without prejudice. Laibe had been charged with three counts arson, felonies, and arson, a misdemeanor.

Jamie Music, 4501 East Road, Elida, was granted judgment against Lawrence S. Yacyshum, 23426 Stone Castle Drive, Clinton Township, Michigan, in the amount of $150,000 for damages plus court costs.

Mark S. Seibert II, 33, 304 W. Rice St., Continental, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for domestic violence. He was given credit for four days served and placed on three years community control.

New Cases

Debra L. Goings, v. Gerald L. Goings; dissolution of marriage without children.

Susan A. Brinkman v. Clayton L. Brinkman; dissolution of marriage with children.

Cheryl A. Lewis-Elliott, Cloverdale, v. Mark A. Elliott, Middle Point; divorce with children.

Putnam County Municipal Court dispositions

May 19

Cletus O. Nartker, 41, 207 Center St., Vaughnsville, pleaded guilty to physical control. Sentence: 180 days jail, 174 days suspended, $750 fine, $375 suspended, one-year license suspension, with credit for six days jail upon completion of DIP and assessment at Pathways Counseling Center or equivalent agency.

May 28

Jayson R. Bame, 44, 219 Plum St., Columbus Grove, pleaded guilty to points, penalties and appeals and tail/license plate light required. Sentence: 180 days jail, 120 days suspended, and $500 fine.

Putnam County Municipal Court judgments

May 21

Discover Bank, New Albany, default judgment v. Nathan J. Warnecke, Ottawa, $2,152.09, plus interest and costs.

Owners Insurance Co., Columbus, default judgment v. Chadd M. Sigler, Lima, $4,245.85, plus interest and costs.

Lima Radiological Associates, Inc., Toledo, default judgment v. Kevin Keirns, Kalida, $364.26, plus interest and costs.

Lima Radiological Associates, Inc., Lima, default judgment v. Jennifer A. Kettels, Columbus Grove, and Thomas Kettels, Columbus Grove, $377.34, plus interest and costs.

Pathways Counseling Center, Ottawa, default judgment v. Kevin W. Amstutz, Ottawa, and Tonya Amstutz, Ottawa, $191.19, plus interest and costs.

Blanchard Valley Med Practice, Findlay, default judgment v. Gloria Velazquez, Ottawa, $1,781.66, plus interest and costs.

May 26

Credit Adjustments, Inc., Defiance, default judgment v. Brandon J. Fenbert, Ottawa, $551.10, plus interest and costs.

May 27

Matthew A. Cunningham, Ottawa, default judgment v. Shawn A. Vogel, Leipsic, $798.54, plus interest and costs.

May 28

Village of Continental, default judgment v. Chad E. Adkins, Continental, and Katie E. Adkins, Continental, $491.14, plus interest and costs.

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