Putnam officials search for cat’s abusers

GLANDORF — Authorities were searching for a group of teens who are suspected of cutting off a cat’s tail in Glandorf.

The woman who brought the news to the attention of officials, Dianna Brinkman, is the daughter of the woman who owns the cat. Brinkman told officials that she wants to keep her mother out of the discussion, directing the conversation to her.

The cat, Mia, belonged to Brinkman’s father and was a keepsake to his wife after he died.

On Saturday evening, the mother and Mia were sitting on the front porch of her Glandorf home on Lake Shore Drive when she went inside for a moment.

When she returned, she saw a teen, late high school to early college-age, running away with Mia from her porch. The mother heard the cat screaming.

The car then drove off.

When the cat whimpered back to the porch, the woman saw that the cat’s tail had been cut off, only leaving the bone behind.

The woman took Mia to the veterinarian to have the remainder of her tail removed. The cat is recovering and expected to survive.

Anyone with information should call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 419-523-3208.

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