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Editor’s note: Best-sellers from the past.


The Liar by Nora Roberts (May 2, 2015)

Shelby Foxworth lost her husband. Then she lost her illusions. The man who took her from Tennessee to an exclusive Philadelphia suburb left her in crippling debt. He was an adulterer and a liar, and when Shelby tracks down his safe-deposit box, she finds multiple IDs. The man she loved wasn’t just dead. He never really existed.

The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark (May 2, 2010)

At age 82 and in failing health, Olivia Morrow knows she has little time left. The last of her line, she faces a momentous choice: expose a long-held family secret, or take it with her to her grave. Olivia has in her possession letters from her deceased cousin Catherine, a nun, now being considered for beatification by the Catholic church. The letters Olivia holds are the evidence that Catherine gave birth at age 17 to a child, a son, and gave him up for adoption.

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks (May 2, 2005)

Can the mysteries of the human heart ever be unraveled? Pursuing a scientific explanation for a disturbing and unexplained phenomenon, Jeremy’s skeptical nature is thrown off course when he meets Lexie, the town librarian. As they work together, ghostly occurrences and passionate moments converge, forcing Jeremy to realize that there are some truths science cannot explain, as he finally appreciates the pleasures of exploring the heart.

Before I Say Good-Bye by Mary Higgins Clark (May 2, 2000)

Nell MacDermott is the politically ambitious granddaughter of a canny politician in Manhattan’s silk-stocking district, and her grandfather wants her to run for his old congressional seat. But there are rumors that Nell’s husband, has been involved in a real estate and construction scam, and until Nell gets to the bottom of this her political future will be clouded. When Adam and his assistant are killed in an explosion aboard his boat, Nell is determined to clear his name.


The Road to Character by David Brooks (May 2, 2015)

Looking to some of the world’s greatest thinkers and inspiring leaders, Brooks explores how, through internal struggle and a sense of their own limitations, they have built a strong inner character. Blending psychology, politics, spirituality and confessional, The Road to Character provides an opportunity for us to rethink our priorities and strive to build rich inner lives marked by humility and moral depth.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis (May 2, 2010)

When the crash of the U.S. stock market became public knowledge in the fall of 2008, it was already old news. The real crash, the silent crash, had taken place over the previous year, in bizarre feeder markets where the sun doesn’t shine, and the SEC doesn’t dare, or bother, to tread. This book explores the bond and real estate derivative markets where geeks invent impenetrable securities to profit from the misery of lower- and middle-class Americans who can’t pay their debts.

My Life So Far by Jane Fonda (May 2, 2005)

America knows Jane Fonda as an actress and an activist, a feminist and a wife, a workout guru and a role model. Now, in this extraordinary memoir, Fonda reveals that she is so much more. From her youth among Hollywood’s elite and her early film career to the challenges and triumphs of her life today, Jane Fonda reveals intimate details and universal truths.

Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox (May 2, 2002)

In September 1998, Michael J. Fox stunned the world by announcing he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Fortunately, he had accepted the diagnosis and by the time the public started grieving for him, he had stopped grieving for himself. Now, with the same passion, humor and energy that Fox has invested in his dozens of performances over the last 18 years, he tells the story of his life, his career and his campaign to find a cure for Parkinson’s.


Sesame Street Welcoming Words series by Sesame Street Workshop

Now in its 51st year, Sesame Street has promoted cultural understanding, respect and tolerance since its beginning by featuring a cast of diverse and loveable characters, both human and Muppet. In this bright and lively series of language learning books for the very young, familiar Sesame Street friends present useful basic vocabulary in a variety of different languages. Exploring new languages in a fun interactive way promotes brain development, bolsters literacy skills and gives children the tools to make new friends. Welcome to Spanish; Welcome to German, Welcome to French and Welcome to Mandarin Chinese are available. Try them all.

Ages 4-8


Although the Lima Public Library is temporarily closed, you can still access lots of books, videos and other resources with your library card at

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