Remembering the descendants of John and Isabel McKinney

From Rodney McKinney, of Lima

Editor’s note: Rodney McKinney, 81, served in the Navy from 1958-1962, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

This is about some of the children and grandchildren of John and Isabel McKinney from Elida and their past service.

John Jr. “Jack” was the oldest son. He joined the Army in December 1950 and was stationed in Korea. He was a truck driver that brought ammunition to the front line. He was a corporal when discharged and spent 30 years in the reserve and came out as a sergeant. Two of Jack’s sons were in the Navy. John III “Danny” was in from 1982 to 2012 and was command master chief. James was in the Navy from August 1986 to 1992. He was petty officer second class ensign 2 when discharged.

The second son William “Bill” went into the Navy December 1950, two days after Jack left for service. He was a storekeeper on the USS Plow which transported airplanes from the west coast to Japan during the Korean War. He was discharged in 1954.

Robert “Bob” the third son was in the Army from March 1960 to June 1962. He was a conductor on a train that went from Livorno, Italy, to the Austrian border. While there the USS Forrestal came into Port Lake Horn. His brother Rodney was stationed on that ship and they were able to spend three days together in May 1961. When Bob was discharged he was specialist 3.

The fourth son Rodney joined the Navy April 20, 1958, and was stationed on the USS Forrestal 2nd Division. He was a boatswain’s mate. He was two cruises to the Mediterranean. The Forrestal was in the Caribbean Sea when John Glenn went into space. They were to retrieve him if he came down after just one orbit. Rodney was discharged April 6, 1962, as a seaman. Rodney’s three sons were in the service.

The oldest Richard “Rick” joined the Army July 1, 1981. He was in Germany for two years. Then he was stationed at Fort Bragg with the 82nd Airborne. He participated in military world conflicts. Grenada: Operation Urgent Fury, October 1983 to Dec. 15, 1983. Panama: Operation Just Cause, December 1989 to Jan. 31, 1990. The first Gulf War: August 1990 to February 1991. He was in Korea for two years. He retired as master sergeant in May 2002.

The second son Jeffrey “Jeff” joined the Navy on July 16, 1984. He was on the USS Biddle, a guided missile cruiser. They patrolled the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. He was discharged as third class ensign on July 17, 1988.

Kyle the third son went into the Air Force on June 1989. He went to ordnance school in Colorado and spent three years in Korea loading weapons on F-14s and F-15s. He spent the rest of his time at Air Force Base Moody in Valdosta, Georgia. He was discharged as an airman in June 1993.

Delores “Jane,” daughter of John and Isabel McKinney, married Kenneth Parish. He served in the Air Force, Air Traffic Control in Laon, France, 1950-1954 and was a senior airman when discharged.

Their oldest son Ken Jr. was sworn in the Army February 1981. He went to Fort Benning, Georgia, for basic training April 1981 and graduated June 1981. He was a drill corporal at Fort Benning July to October and graduated U.S. Army Airborne School October 1983.

First duty station: 1st Battalion, 75th Infantry, Ranger, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia, November 1981 to November 1984. Second duty station: Instructor, U.S. Army Ranger School, Fort Benning, Georgia, November 1984 to November 1988. Third duty station: DCO Long Range Surveillance Company, Airborne 102nd Military Intelligence Battalion,2nd Infantry/Division ROK, December 88-June 1990. Fourth duty station: Instructor I, Corporal non-commissioned officer academy, June 1990 to December 1991. Attained rank of SSG and discharged December 1991.

From Rodney McKinney, of Lima

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