Wanted: Veterans Day tribute

Veterans Day is Nov. 11, and The Lima News is interested in hearing from our readers for a special publication planned for Nov. 10. We are seeking stories from people who are in active service as well as those who served in the past. We also welcome families to share their thoughts on what their loved one’s service meant to them.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the military gear you were issued as a soldier. Different uniforms were used during different eras, and what might have been standard equipment for you was unheard of for the next person. Explain what you were issued and what you thought about it, from finding the right fit in boots to what type of uniform was appropriate to what weapons your unit was issued. What did you need to carry with you all the time? What items did you add to your gear out of desire or necessity? What was your unit’s main role?

To participate, send your thoughts to:

Adrienne McGee Sterrett

Lifestyle/Special Sections Editor

The Lima News

3515 Elida Road

Lima OH 45807


Things to send:

• Your name, including when and where you served in the military

• Any photos taken during your time serving and a current photo. If you’d like to submit via email, please attach a high-resolution .jpg instead of pasting the image into the body of the email. If you’d rather submit a photo by mail, please send us a reprint of the photo instead of the original. Photos will not be returned.

• Your current age

• Your address and phone numbers (not for publication)

• Your story. Stories should be at least 500 words, but longer stories are welcome.

Letters must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25.

Questions? Call Adrienne at 567-242-0510.


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