Get This: Musicians tell us their most weird experiences

Kabir Singh Bhandari Hindustan Times, New Delhi (TNS)

To most outsiders, a musician’s life is considered glamorous and enviable. After all, they perform in front of crowds, who cheer for them, travel the world performing at various festivals and events, and if you hit the big time, and then they turn out to be the most sought after performers everywhere.

However, the reality behind a musician’s life involves a lot of unexpected incidents, whether it is their audience preferring to play songs from Youtube instead of listening to them or getting attacked on stage.

On the occasion of World Music Day, we speak to a bunch of musicians who tell us about the weirdest and funniest incidents that they have experienced.

A drunk middle-age woman fell on my drumkit once and in another incident a guy came and kissed me on my lips while I was playing.

— Vaibhav Ahuja, Drummer

It was our first ever show in Bangalore – Hard Rock Cafe, we were sounding pretty bad and during one of our really slow, soft and sad songs, all of a sudden people burst into a thunderous applause…we felt good for a two seconds and gave each other a cool grin…only to realise there was an India Australia cricket match playing on TV.

— Easy Wanderlings, a Dream-Pop-Soul band

There was a very drunk guy once at the back of the room who kept going from left to right and the other way with a big white cardboard written “Marry me!!” That was very funny to see all throughout my concert. He would rest sometimes and then start his ritual again. I hope he is married and settled well somewhere.

— Tritha Sinha,singer, composer and teacher, Founded Tritha Electric and SPACE

Kabir Singh Bhandari Hindustan Times, New Delhi (TNS)

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