Errant text message leads to kidney

ST. LOUIS — They wait behind curtains just a couple of hospital beds away from each other, a 59-year-old woman needing a kidney and a 30-year-old man donating his to her. Nurses and doctors are making all the necessary preparations for the transplant surgery.

“Are you related to the donor?” nurse Diana Walker-Seawood asks the recipient, Kasey Bergh of St. Louis.

“He’s my husband,” Bergh answers. Then a pause. “Do you want to know the story?

“I was in Denver on a Purina work trip, and I sent a text to another Purina person,” she begins, “and it was a wrong number, and it was him; and now we’re married, and now he’s giving me a kidney.”

Bergh sent that errant text message to Henry Glendening almost six years ago. After texting back and forth and finding uncanny things in common, they decided to meet. Three years later, in June 2015, they got married.

Their odd story of finding love went viral, shared across the world. She was blonde and vivacious; he was tall and handsome. Bergh said she felt like people saw them as “Ken and Barbie,” their story like a fairy tale.

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