Let Memorial Hall stand proud

From David E. Boyle, of Lima

Editor’s note: Boyle is Baxter’s great-grandson.

If we could still enter Allen County Memorial Hall we would see a bronze plaque stating “Dedicated to Dr. Samuel A. Baxter, our building chairman.”

Now closed after years of neglect by our past elected officials let’s write to both Senator Brown and Portman and request federal funds to restore this famous Civil War memorial which held the largest meeting of veterans ever held in Lima. Over 15,000 Yankee soldiers came to Lima for a week of celebration. Many of the most talented musicians in American history have performed there. Thousands of dances, concerts, high school proms and weddings have been enjoyed in the most beautiful structure.

When Dr. Baxter died The Lima News told readers, “Lima’s greatest citizen, Physician, Financier, Promoter and Historian succumbs yesterday. Great Sorrow now rests upon The City and Family.”

Dr. Baxter’s son, Frank Ellison Baxter, continued to honor Allen County veterans by founding Lima Memorial Hospital and naming it in 1933 to honor our World War I service men and women.

From David E. Boyle, of Lima

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