Service made freedom even more valuable

From George C. Stewart, of Lima

Editor’s note: George C. Stewart is now 95 years old. He has three children.

Born June 14, 1923, in Lima. Basic training in Camp Crowder, Missouri. Served in Engineers and Signal Corps. Officer training until discontinued — served little less than three years. Took Queen Mary troop ship to Scotland to England, more training, then landing craft from England — waded ashore in France. From across France through Germany until their surrender. Sent to South France for shipment to South Pacific war zone and when headed for Panama Canal on troop ship word came of Japanese surrender and were instead ordered to Boston Harbor. Were then sent to Army camp and was furloughed home for two months when my points added up to enough for discharge.

Service has influenced my high regard for our standard of living and how blessed we are to be U.S. citizens. Disgusted with how things are politically now. If one would experience the impact war has on individuals, things would be run differently!

From George C. Stewart, of Lima

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