Thank you to my uncles

From Dolly (Madison) Sharp

Alton Binkley

Alton Binkley

James Tully

James Tully

Ned Binkley

Robert Madison

Floyd “Ted” Madison

Ralph Baughman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my uncles for their sacrifices while serving their country. Most of my uncles served during World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. I would like to submit their names and photos as a tribute to them for their service, for the sacrifices they made, and to remember them today and more importantly, to say thank you. I know my cousins will always be proud of the sacrifices their fathers gave while serving their country.

My mother, Lois Madison gave me her recollections of her brothers and brother-in-law.

Alton C. Binkley, my mother’s oldest brother, at an early age, worked in Oregon in the CC camps where youths went to remote areas to plant trees with other youths to earn money. After graduation Alton went into the Army and became a paratrooper in World War II and the Korean War. Alton worked at Goodyear in St. Marys and had a daughter and son. Uncle Alton died April 10, 1998. Alton is buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, St Marys.

James H. Tully was born and raised in Oklahoma. He worked on the oil pipeline out west. He married my mom’s sister, Pauline, and they had one daughter. Uncle Jim served in the Army during World War II. He was in the invasion of France and Germany. He would not talk about the war and what he lived through. After the war, Uncle Jim worked and retired from Westinghouse in Lima, and then moved to Florida. Uncle Jim died Feb. 9, 1991 and is buried in Resthaven Memory Gardens, Moulton.

Ned F. Binkley, my mom’s youngest brother, served in the Navy and Air Force. Uncle Ned was a classmate of Neil Armstrong so my uncle, Neil Abbott, Ned Kieber and Neil Armstrong took their flying lessons in the same plane that is hanging at the Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta. Uncle Ned and Neil, from what my mother recalls, received their pilot’s license before they received their drivers license. After high school, Uncle Ned entered the Navy where he served four years. He then tried his hand at working at Goodyear in St Marys, however he didn’t like to be confined in a factory, so he decided to join the Air Force. Uncle Ned was in the Strategic Air Command, serving three tours in Vietnam. Afterward, he retired to Italy where he lived and later died on Oct. 19, 1974. Uncle Ned is buried in Resthaven Memory Gardens, Moulton.

My father, Don Madison, being the youngest of his family, didn’t serve in the military. He had two brothers and a brother-in-law who served.

Robert D. Madison. Uncle Bob served in the Army and lived in Dunkirk. Uncle Bob was a happy man and always rode bikes with us when he would visit our family. He would tell us, “See my finger, see my thumb, see my fist? You better run!” That was Uncle Bob! Uncle Bob and his wife raised one son and three daughters in Dunkirk. Uncle Bob died Jan. 25, 2006 and is buried in Dunkirk Cemetery.

Floyd “Ted” Madison. Uncle Ted served in World War II and the Korean War. After the war, he and his wife raised three sons and three daughters and lived in Mt. Victory. Uncle Ted died May 5, 2008, and is buried in Otterbein Cemetery, Mt. Victory.

My dad’s brother-in-law, Ralph S. Baughman, married my dad’s sister, Gladys, and he served in World War II. After the war, Uncle Ralph operated a green house in Kenton with his wife, son and daughter for many years. He retired to a farm outside of Kenton and gave his produce to the soup kitchen. Uncle Ralph died Jan. 2, 2007. He is buried in Roundhead.

Although I didn’t know about their military service, I am sure my uncles were proud of their service to their country.

On this Veterans Day, I say thank you to my uncles for your service, for giving of yourselves so that we can still live in a free country. Thank you to all who have served and have given their lives for our freedom.

Alton Binkley Binkley
James Tully Tully
Ned Binkley Binkley
Robert Madison Madison
Floyd “Ted” Madison “Ted” Madison
Ralph Baughman Baughman

From Dolly (Madison) Sharp

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