Thank you, veterans

From Mary Squires, of Lima

I am so thankful to our veterans and active duty military we have today. Without them, we would not have the freedom we have. They give their all to us each and every day, and many gave their lives for this country. They are the reason this country is so great and not because of our president. These young men and women put everything on the line for each one of us, so we can have our many freedoms that other countries do not give to their citizens.

My family has had members in each war. My cousins and uncles were in the Army during World War II. My husband was in the Army during the Korean War. My brother was in the Marine Corps just before the Vietnam War. One ex son in law was in the Air Force, one ex son in law retired from the Navy with 23 years. My grandson in law was in the Army and was in Afghanistan and Iraq. My daughter was in the Navy, my oldest grandson was in the Navy and now my youngest grandson is in the Navy and just reenlisted. I am so proud of all of them and the sacrifices they made to serve and protect our country.

I proudly fly our American flag and wish for peace around the world.

From Mary Squires, of Lima

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