A shift is coming

By Sharon Jefferson - Guest columnist

From time to time, the Lord will allow things in our lives to bring us to a place designated or to cause us to just move.

When I was called into ministry of the prophet, I was called out of Ezekiel 2 and 3. The Scripture says that Ezekiel was being sent to a people that are rebellious, stiff-necked and that they would not listen to Ezekiel and would not listen to the Lord. Nothing has changed. The main reason for so much immaturity is rebellion. People just do not like change. They do not like being told what to do.

Rebellion is resistance to authority. We need to get something settled in our hearts: There will always be someone telling us what to do. All rebellion is sin, all rebellion is resistance against not man but against God.

The church has entered a season of change of shifting, a time of sure movement, a time for the church to move out of the old and into the new. We also need to understand that rebellion many times inherited. You will find that rebellion comes through the blood line or through the womb.

The first anointing of every believer, is the anointing of a leper, the salvation anointing of cleansing. Many in the body of Christ have never departed from the first anointing of the leper. They never grow spiritually. They stay the same.

Jesus was anointed three times, David was anointed three times and we need to be anointed three times to be a carrier of His glory and completely defeat the Devil. David was first anointed in 1 Samuel 16:1, 13 chosen out of his seven brothers. In 2 Samuel 1-4, David was anointed king of Hebron. Finally David was anointed King of all of Israel in 2 Samuel 5:1-5.

There is coming a new anointing, a threefold anointing so powerful. The anointing must be purchased but not with money or credit cards. You will pay for the anointing with your very life, through suffering, the very same way that Jesus received his anointing (Isaiah 53:7-12). Shifting gets us into right position, shaking allows the unwanted to fall off of us as well as shows us just how strong we are.

In Psalms 104:4-16, the trees of the Lord are full of sap like the cedars of Lebanon, which the Lord he hath planted. The sap is the anointing. We must be in position to receive the anointing, and we must be spiritually clean enough to receive the anointing. We must be full of the sap of the Lord (anointing). The sap is the juice that circulates through us that carries the food and the water. It is the sap that increases as we grow taller in the Lord. It is the anointing of the King, Priest and Prophet all together.

It is time to examine your heart, release any and all rebellion to the Lord, and grow. Empty out so the Lord can fill you up.

By Sharon Jefferson

Guest columnist

We welcome your response to shar8jffrd3@aol.com or 419-979-3095.

We welcome your response to shar8jffrd3@aol.com or 419-979-3095.

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