Drunken man dragged horse behind his truck

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. (AP) — Authorities say a drunken southwestern Missouri man badly injured a horse by dragging it behind his pickup truck until he was stopped by angry witnesses.

Sasha Martinez told KSPR that she, her daughter and a friend saw the horse tied to the pickup Saturday as it drove down the road next to their Wright County home at 15-20 mph. She said she thought it was odd, but hoped the driver was going to drop the horse off at a nearby home. Martinez said about two hours later, they saw the truck driving down the road going the opposite way.

Martinez said the driver wouldn’t stop until she stood in front of his truck and grabbed the grill.

According to a statement, the truck’s driver, 63-year-old Curtis Campbell, said he was pulling the 15-year-old mare Fox Trotter with his truck to “train her.”

He was charged Thursday with animal abuse, driving while intoxicated and failing to register a motor vehicle.


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