Support: In their own words

“For 100 years, United Way has been helping people with immediate needs but also bringing people together to find long-term solutions to community issues. In an instant, a person’s life can change because of a fire, accident, or crime, for instance. When that happens most people don’t know where to go for help. United Way is there. People can call the 2-1-1 helpline of services for assistance. Together, we are improving people’s quality of life and making Lima a stronger community.”

— Brenda Burgy, 2018 Campaign Chair


“Supporting the United Way is one way of GIVING BACK. Growing up and the oldest of ten children, my siblings and I utilized the various UW services i.e. Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, Children’s Development Center, etc. Over time, with this valuable assistance, our family was able to rise above our circumstances. The support of United Way agencies, when we needed it the most, is one of the reasons we were able ‘to make it!’”

— Ann Miles, Vice Chair of Resource Development


“I’ve supported the United Way since the early 70’s. First with monetary donations, then in the early 90’s with monetary donations and volunteering for the organization. The United Way gives people a hand-up and not a hand-out. My dad who was very instrumental in getting me involved in the community always said giving people a handout makes them feel helpless, but giving them a hand-up encourages them to feel good about themselves because they are improving their situation. Today, the United Way is impacts the community in the same way by giving a hand-up to help people become self-sufficient.”

— Erin Hardesty, Chair Elect, The Union Bank


“My family supports the United Way of Greater Lima because it is a great way to help the most people in our local community. United Way of Greater Lima supports and helps those with critical and immediate needs yet also focuses on helping those who desire to move to a level of self-sufficiency. This dual approach in giving is important to us and a big reason we support the United Way of Greater Lima.”

— Angie Clark, Board Member, Fifth Third Bank


“This is just a small way that I can give of my time by helping so many individuals and at the same time give back to our local community through the resources of the United Way. This community has been great to me, and the United Way knows the needs of our local community. We must continue to strive to make a difference by giving of our time and support for the sake of the children and all away to our senior citizens.”

— Cheryl Morgan, 2005 Campaign Chair


“United Way has for the last 40+ years has received my support both financially, in direct service through its funded programs and for the last 15 years of my professional working career as an employee of United Way. The last four years as President of United Way of Greater Lima. My commitment to United Way has been assured by its impressive level of accountability, making a measurable difference and ensuring that a high percentage of the donors dollars go back into the local community. This is truly a volunteer driven organization with local volunteers making funding decisions and volunteer board members.”

— Phil Hayne, President, United Way of the Greater Lima Area


“I have volunteered with the United Way of Greater Lima for over 10 years, most of that time has been focused on the funds distribution process. Through that process, I have gained extensive insight into the excellent services and programs our agencies provide to Lima and our surrounding communities. Our agencies provide much needed guidance and support to improve the quality of life for children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. This is why I am always grateful to donate to the United Way.”

— Gary Minnick, Vice Chair Community Investments, First Federal Bank


“United Way has been supported by my family, as a child and as an adult, as a way to give back to the community to which you belong. My father was active as a board member and we attended many functions learning how to be invested in our community. Our social awareness and responsibility to our community was instilled in us at an early age and because of this, we practiced being better neighbors and better community members.”

— Missy Roush, Retired, Tri-Star Community Counseling, Inc.


“The words UNITED and WAY are most appropriate. The best way to engage opportunities for assisting others is always, in my estimation, through a united community. When we join together for a common purpose, we can achieve so much more than we can individually. This is why and how our local United Way has operated over the years. This is why OUR United Way is so successful!”

— David Ross, Priest, St. Rose Catholic Church

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