Activate Allen County: Delphos Jefferson schools activating MH population

By Activate Allen County

Activate Allen County and St. Rita’s Health Partners held their 2017/2018 Activated School Challenge Award ceremony back in January. One of this year’s winners was Delphos Jefferson schools. Their project was coordinated by their school nurse, Stacey Ricker MS, RN, NCSN.

Special education children face a greater risk of childhood obesity. Through the Activated School Challenge, Stacey recognized the opportunity to improve the physical activity for students in Delphos. In order to address this issue, Delphos Jefferson have developed a team to incorporate a plan for increased health and fitness within the school’s multiple handicap population.

The Activated School Challenge enabled Delphos to purchase exercise equipment and play structures that are designed to increase cardiovascular health, strength, muscle balance and coordination. A “workout” room has been established with some indoor equipment so the students are able to remain active throughout the entire school year.

To monitor effectiveness of the program, data was collected on weight, BMI etc. prior to the start of the workout regime. The children have a lesson plan developed to incorporate activity times into several days and minutes per week. Delphos Jefferson was also able to collaborate with our local fitness expert to develop regimes specific to the MH students. A re-evaluation will be set for the end of the school year to monitor effectiveness of the program.

Delphos Jefferson is setting an excellent example when it comes to providing students with quality physical activity opportunities to help students establish life-long healthy habits. Congratulations to Delphos Jefferson schools for supporting active and healthy students.

By Activate Allen County

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