Activate Allen County: Urban farming training opportunity

By Activate Allen County

Have you ever thought about starting an urban farm, right here in Lima? Do you want to make extra income while doing something you enjoy?

A newly formed organization, LIMA SPROUTS, will be offering a training program to develop local entrepreneurs. Lima SPROUTS has a goal to bring fresh, local and healthy produce options to the Lima community and grow our urban and community farm landscape. In order to do that, the group is looking for entrepreneurs in the Lima area who would be willing to jump start this venture with us. These entrepreneurs will get free training with the goal of starting their own production gardens in the near future. For the 2018 growing season, entrepreneurs will be trained to oversee production gardens in Lima and also run a ommunity Supported Agriculture program. The training will take place at the LACNIP Resource Center on Spring Street and will be done at no cost to the individuals.

Selected applicants will:

• Be required to attend an eight-week basic training program where they will receive a combination of classroom training and hands-on application in the development of an urban farm (free of cost). If selected as an entrepreneur, they will continue in the program and be eligible for immediate income, based on production.

• Meet all physical requirements demanded in gardening and display an aptitude for learning and applying concepts provided in the training program.

• Dedicate at least 15 hours/week (including nights and weekends) to the training and farming programs.

• Once the 2018 season closes, entrepreneurs will be eligible to gain assistance for the 2019 growing season and establish their own farm and become their own boss.

Contact Rob Cotrell at or at 419-302-4166 to schedule your interview today. Rob is also available to answer additional questions or provide further clarification about the process and program. It is preferred that a resume be provided at your interview. No interviews will be done past Feb. 16. Our goal is to complete final selections by Feb. 21 and start the training program on or around March 3.

If you or someone you know may be interested in this great opportunity, please contact Rob today and start your journey with the Lima SPROUTS program.

By Activate Allen County

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