Getting the victory over your flesh

By Sharon Jefferson - Guest columnist

When the heart of a believer receives the word of God, the flesh is set on fire.

It is in the working of the flesh that produces contamination for the spirit.

The flesh is a deterrent and a distraction from the spirit, to keep you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny.

The Lord grown very weary of the church trying to serve Him in the flesh and attempting to build His kingdom in the flesh. It will not work. Spirit will build upon spirit, which produces life eternally. Flesh upon flesh will produce death.

What do I mean by flesh? It’s the corrupt nature of man. If it were not for the flesh, the sin nature of man, we would not have a single problem with our spiritual walk with the Lord. In Matthew 16:24-28, we are commanded if we are to follow Christ that we would need to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. The word deny mans to remove oneself, to disown, to refuse, to give up oneself. We need to give up much to receive much more.

Now the cross that we must carry means a stake for execution, an instrument for torture. I have learned so much about suffering. It all leads to spiritual growth and closeness with the Lord.

Although we must suffer for Christ, He loves us so much that He left us an anointing called murizo to assist us. This anointing is the anointing for burial. When Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, she anointed him with her hair for His burial. That same anointing is available to us today. When you can stand and admit that you need help, that you need the Lord, you release that murizo anointing. This is the anointing that allows you to die painlessly, quietly and peaceably.

Remember you will never be able to change what you don’t confront. The quality of the life you live will totally depend upon what comes out of your mouth. It is time for the church to exchange the natural for the supernatural. It is time to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Otherwise, we will not be able to build the kingdom of God nor walk in the spirit of God. Before we can get positional with God, we must first get personal with God. Every time we override the Holy Spirit and do what we want to do, we contaminate our spirit man. The Bible states in Matthew 10:38, if you do not take up your cross and follow Him, you are not worthy of Him.

This process of death of the flesh is of course is a process. By nature, we are a people that likes doing what we want to do. All through Scripture, the main reason for failure with God has been disobedience. Disobedience is a form of idolatry before God. We have entered a season of takeover, a takeover of everything the enemy has stolen, those things we have lost. How long will the church continue to go around this same mountain? We have become so complacent, so satisfied with mediocrity. We should see the supernatural going forth in every service — signs, wonders and miracles in the marketplace.

By Sharon Jefferson

Guest columnist

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We welcome your response at or 419-979-3095.

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