Surviving in times of transition, change

By Sharon Jefferson

The church of Jesus Christ is in critical times, to say the least.

We are in times of change, shifting and transition. All of these things means movement. It is imperative that we all know the proper way to do these things. This means God’s way — not the way of man. The Lord has prepared a wonderful road map for us to follow in the book of Exodus, as we follow the children of Israel and Moses as they have been released from Egypt to travel to the Promised Land.

First, they did not leave Egypt broke or in lack. They left wealthy on their journey. But that doesn’t mean it was without challenge. There will be many challenges for us as well.

It is imperative that we are fit for battle, because there will be any battles. Do not think for one moment that the enemy is going to lay down and allow you to go through without him trying to distract and most importantly re-direct you. He does not want you to change or transition. We are living in trying times. Just look around at all of the terrible things going on. We must keep in the forefront of our minds, we already have the victory.

Key to this move is to remain focused on God’s plan for you. We must remember that since we do not know how to get to our destination — for this is a spiritual and natural move — please rest in the Lord. Shifting is not easy for most, because it first requires you to be totally out of control and God totally in control. What we want does not matter. It is all about our purpose and our destiny in God.

It is so sad, I have come to realize that most in the church do not have a clue as to what their purpose and destiny is. Many times while preaching, the Lord will have me to ask a question: “Why were you born?” Most people do not have a clue what purpose God had for them. If you live your life and never know your purpose and destiny, you will have lived in vain. God has a purpose for us all.

In this season many of us will be shifted and moved. It is imperative that we are in the right position. If you miss and are out of position, you will be in one place and your blessings will show up where you are should be. There are many that will be shifted to another country, state or ministry, all to the glory of the Lord. Timing is so very important; We cannot move until the Lord says move. This is also a time of great sacrifice. You will need to give up much to get much. The outcome will be more than we can imagine. We have read about our Promised Land but now are preparing to arrive there.

For those of you that are ready to give up, this is not the time. This is time to stand in whatever condition you are in. All of the suffering we have gone through is about to pay off. Everyone the Lord is using in this hour is about to be in place for the grand finale. The true church is about arise out of obscurity in great power and glory.

The children went through three phases to their Promised Land — bondage (the land of suffering), the wilderness (land of just enough) and the Promised Land (land of more than enough). We need to remember that all of the mumbles and grumblers, the disobedient warriors died in the wilderness. The others were anointed in the wilderness for the Promised Land. The wilderness place is the place where most Christians fail and fall. The wilderness is a place of testing, trials and trouble. It is a place of our emptying out, to get filled up with anointing.

This anointing is coming on the wings of righteousness and holiness. King David was anointed three times, Jesus was anointed three times, and the chosen of God will be anointed three times (Hebrews 7, 8 9). The takeover anointing is at hand, the army of the Lord is being gathered for battle. May the church of Jesus Christ arise! Above all, do not resist the change, movement or positioning.

By Sharon Jefferson

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We welcome your response to, 419-222-3966 or 419-979-3095.

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