RIP Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. Here’s how else the company’s bankruptcy will affect shoppers.

Soon, college students, brides, and expectant parents will no longer mark these major life transitions with a Bed Bath & Beyond shopping or gift-registering experience. As of April 26, shoppers are no longer able to use the store’s famous 20% off coupons, on which the limit truly did not exist. And come July, all stores will be closed.

After closing hundreds of locations in recent years, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Sunday and announced a “winding down” process for its remaining 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and 120 Buy Buy Baby stores.

If you’d like to say one last goodbye, or are just curious about the latest news, here’s what you should know, according to the company. All answers apply to both Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby stores.

Is Bed Bath & Beyond still open?

Yes, stores are not closing immediately. Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby stores will remain open during this “winding down.” Customers can also continue to shop online or on the company’s mobile app.

Which Bed Bath & Beyond stores are closing?

By June 30, all store locations will be closed.

Can I still use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?

No, Bed Bath & Beyond stores stopped accepting coupons Wednesday.

But a couple other chains are taking advantage of the moment, announcing their stores will accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for a limited time (and with limits that did not exist at Bed Bath & Beyond).

At the Container Store, which has locations in Cherry Hill and King of Prussia, “customers who bring a competitor’s blue coupon” will get 20% off any single items through May 31, the company said.

Through May 7, Big Lots stores will also accept any Bed Bath & Beyond coupon in exchange for 20% off an order of $50 of more, a spokesperson said.

I have a registry with Bed Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby. What should I do?

The company assured customers that their registry data is safe, though you may want to alert future wedding or shower guests that items cannot be ordered through the registry for the time being.

Registries can still be viewed. Bed Bath & Beyond plans to “partner with an alternative platform” onto which registry data can be transferred. The company said more details about that process will be announced in the coming days.

Will Bed Bath & Beyond purchases that have yet to arrive still be delivered?

Yes, the company expects all in-stock orders to be delivered, regardless of whether the purchases were made before or after Sunday’s bankruptcy filing.

Can I still use Bed Bath & Beyond rewards?

Kind of. Customers can redeem existing Welcome Rewards until May 15, but they can no longer earn rewards.

Can I still redeem Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards?

Yes, you can use gift cards through Monday, May 8.

Can I still use Bed Bath & Beyond gift merchandise credits?

Yes, you can use credits through Monday, May 15.

Can I still make returns at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Yes. For items purchased before Wednesday, April 26, you may return or exchange them under normal store policy through Wednesday, May 24.

When do Bed Bath & Beyond closing sales begin?

They’ve already started, as of April 26, and all sales are now final. The company advised customers to “come shop for your favorite products while merchandise selection is best.”