Spiritual prostitution in the church

By Sharon Jefferson - For The Lima News

These are strong words which describe the condition of the church today and the condition of the church in Jeremiah 3.

The children of Israel were accused of having many lovers, and today the Lord is saying the very same thing about the church.

Remember: Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and these things shall be added unto you. The church has not been putting God in the No. 1 spot in their lives and as a result of the fact, things in this country have been and are still decreasing. I believe that much of what we see today is because the church has not been in the right position to deal with matters of importance such as abortion, same-sex marriage, prayer in school, etc. As believers, we have God’s authority — which is the highest authority in the land — yet look at the things Christians have sat by and allowed to come to pass without victorious battles. I know one thing about God: He never loses — yet His people have not been winning.

It seems that the focus of the church has drastically changed. The focus today seems to be money, the lack of or making more, building bigger, building better, building more elaborate buildings, while the people in the churches are dying of malnutrition. What has happened to building people and allowing them to build the church? Remember, except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain.

I am wondering what would happen if the Lord were to ask a preacher today to marry a prostitute as He asked Hosea. What would the reaction be? I can just imagine. God was making an example to Israel of all of their backslidings. He was speaking of the coming judgment, a warning, so the people would repent and return to Him. Nothing has changed today. The Lord is calling His church back to Him. We must remember that anything we put before the Lord as preventing Him from being first in our life has become an idol before God.

Isaiah 1 is the best description of the church today. It describes a rebellious people who are doing wrong in the eyes of the Lord. They have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One unto anger, they are gone away backward. It tells of the wounds and bruises of the people that have not been healed because the anointing is not there. It further says the head is sick, speaking of the leadership. If the head is sick, the body is sick. He says that the whole heart is faint and that there is no soundness.

The church has been tolerating so much sin, both inside and outside of the church. We tolerate sin in our families, churches, on our jobs. We have forgotten the power in prayer, especially corporate prayer. What has happened to prayer in the church? Jesus said that His house should be called the house of prayer. That lets us know the most important function of the house of God is prayer — talking to God, receiving instructions and directions from the Lord, getting revelation, developing relationships with the King of Kings, just spending time with Him. In Isaiah 1, the Lord tells us that even our church services are an abomination to Him, our offerings are an abomination, because of the condition of our lives and heart.

It is time to get things together, to turn and repent and prepare for the soon coming of the Lord.


By Sharon Jefferson

For The Lima News

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We welcome you remarks at [email protected] or 419-222-3966.

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