St. Rita’s trivia: 10 things of note

Did you know …

• St. Rita’s averaged five to six births a day in the 1960s with the average hospital stay being four to seven days.

• Saint Rita is the “Patron Saint of the Impossible.”

• Sister Marie Ellen S.C. was the first patient at St. Rita’s Hospital.

• The first surgery to take place at St. Rita’s Hospital was an appendectomy. James Halfhill was the patient. He went on to become a doctor.

• Ruth Simmons was the first baby born at St. Rita’s Hospital. The date of birth: Jan. 6, 1919.

• The first nursing school certificate was awarded on Sept. 13, 1920.

• On March 4, 1963, Barbara Axe gave birth at St. Rita’s to identical quadruplets, an event the News calculated, “occurs once every 659,472 births.” The births were rare enough to bring the “Today Show,” magazine and newspaper writers and Ohio Gov. James Rhodes to Lima to see the quadruplets, named Susan Marie, Anna Marie, Rita Marie and Julia Marie.

• St. Rita’s Hospital became St. Rita’s Medical Center in 1977.

• St. Rita’s graduated its last class of nurses in 1971.

• St. Rita’s now offers a 24-hour ED and medical campus in Glandorf; an Urgent Care and medical campus in Delphos; two Urgent Care locations in Lima; imaging and physical therapy in Wapakoneta; and 11 family medicine locations around the region.

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