Is ‘Yellowstone’ coming back?

By Rich Heldenfels - Tribune News Service



Kevin Costner in “Yellowstone.”

Kevin Costner in “Yellowstone.”

Cam McLeod/Paramount Network/TNS

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Season four of “Yellowstone” ended with some open items. Will there be a season five?

A: Absolutely. Executive producer David Glasser recently told Variety that the huge hit will probably begin production of the new season in May, with episodes to air in the fall. “I think the show is still maturing, and there’s still a lot of story to tell. I know with Taylor (Sheridan, the showrunner), he’s got a lot to say and a lot to write. He’s deep into season five of ‘Yellowstone’ now. He’s got some incredible ideas that he shared that I think audiences are going to be really excited about.”

Q: I am a big fan of the new CBS comedy “Ghosts,” and my favorite character by far is Hetty. She’s fantastic! I know I recognize the actress from somewhere, but I’ve been having difficulty placing her. Do you have any information on her?

A: Here’s some background info CBS has on Rebecca Wisocky, who plays Hetty: “perhaps best known for portraying fan favorite ‘Evelyn Powell’ in the series ‘Devious Maids,’ and as a frequent face on TV in both comedy and drama. Some memorable appearances include recurring roles on ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ ‘For All Mankind,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘The Mentalist’ … and ‘American Horror Story.’… On the film side, she has appeared in ‘Pollock’ opposite Ed Harris, ‘Hello My Name is Doris’ opposite Sally Field, and as the voice of ‘Ebay Elayne’ in the animated feature ‘Ralph Saves the Internet.’” You may also have seen her in “Dopesick,” the recent Hulu series.

Q: My kids and I really loved the show “Happy Family” with John Larroquette and Christine Baranski and were very sad to see it end after only one season. Why wasn’t it renewed? Was it ever made available for sale? Is there any way I could get a copy of the show and watch it again?

A: The series, which originally aired on NBC in 2003-04, certainly boasted two established and skilled stars. But it just never caught on with audiences; one challenge was that it aired opposite then-new “NCIS,” which was a big, immediate hit. I do not know of any authorized release of “Happy Family” on DVD or the like (and I do not recommend bootlegs). You can find episodes on YouTube.

Q: There is a terrific actress who was in “Law & Order” as part of the prosecution team and later was in several episodes of “Hawaii Five-0” as a psychiatrist who was a serial killer. Do you know her name and does she have any roles coming up?

A: That was Elisabeth Rohm, who was Serena Southerlyn on “Law & Order” for four seasons as well as a villain in several episodes of the “Hawaii Five-0” reboot. Some recent screen credits include “Notorious Nick” and “The Runner” as well as the upcoming “Starbright.”

Q: When “FBI” originally came on a few seasons ago it had a female FBI agent, who was engaging and funny. She made her character appealing and, when it was a storyline that focused on her, she made it real. Do you know why she was replaced? The new actress is not as good.

A: Back in 2020, Ebonee Noel – who played Kristen Chazal – departed the series, which said her character had been reassigned. I heard around that time that the departure was a creative decision by the show, which went in a different direction character-wise with the arrival of a new FBI agent, Tiffany Wallace, played by Katherine Renee Turner. And I like Turner’s work.

Kevin Costner in “Yellowstone.” Costner in “Yellowstone.” Cam McLeod/Paramount Network/TNS

By Rich Heldenfels

Tribune News Service

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