Letter: Spartan Pride needs your vote

Please consider voting for the five-year, 5.99 mill combined renewal levy for Lima City Schools.

This levy will help with operations and permanent improvements. It will generate $1.29 million for operations; things such as supplies, utilities, staff and building operations. It will also generate $432,000 for permanent improvements which includes technology, buses and building maintenance. The most important thing about this levy is that it is “not’ a new tax and “will mot” cost taxpayers any additional money.

This levy is vitally important to continue to support and encourage the Spartan Pride. It is a way to invest in students and their futures, which in turn transforms the future of our city and our world.

I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. All three of my children graduated from Lima City Schools and received an excellent education. Lima City Schools prepared my children in so many aspects. Not only were there opportunities for education, but also sports, music, community involvement and many other interests. I am grateful to Lima City Schools and the role they played in shaping my children’s’ lives.

I encourage you to vote for this levy renewal and the future of our children. Thank you!

Cheryl Brayton,

Lima Levy Committee Co-Chair


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