Letter: Enforce dress code if you’re going to have it

First Posted: 6/28/2010

Allen East students were given a new dress code on their last day of school, June 7, to go into effect when school resumes this fall. I have no problem with a dress code and would even favor uniforms if that ever were discussed.

There was a dress code for the past school year that was probably as fair as any other dress code. However, to me it is a concern when you have a dress code and, according to a statement made by the superintendent to a school board member, there were no students sent home for violation of the dress code during the school year that just ended. Does this mean no students violated the dress code? I doubt that very much.

I think it most likely was simply a case of teachers and/or administration simply choosing not to enforce the code. Too many teenagers think rules are made to be broken. Even the smallest of rules should be enforced. This is all part of learning how to be an adult and function in the real world after high school.

I would hope for complete enforcement of the dress code starting with the first day of school. At the same time, I hope teachers take a second look at their dress. The dress of some teachers has gotten way too casual, at times to the point of being inappropriate for a professional setting such as a school.

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