Tell Me About It: Moving and shaker boarding

First Posted: 10/30/2011

1. How did you end up doing this for Little Caesars?I won their radio contest for shaker boarding.2. Were your acrobatic skills why you go the job.Acrobatics and tumbling weren't a requirement. It was just basically tossing the sign, but I brought acrobatics to it.3. How did you start doing acrobatics?I've been doing competitive cheer for five years now. Two years at Lima Rebels and three years at Step 1 Allstars in Columbus.4. What draws you to this? Why do you perform on the street corner?I like the reaction, the feedback from people. I have my regulars who come by and they give me the occasional honks and waves. The new crowd that comes, I like to show off a little bit and they come and buy pizza.5. When you come out for a shift do you have a routine in mind, or do you just wing it?There's really no routine. It depends on how the day goes. I listen to music and just freestyle. I feed off the people's energy. If everybody's smiling I might throw a big flip out for them. 6. You say you've always been attracted to this. Were you doing flips and such as a kid?I tumbled when I was littler. I didn't really have the formal training. As I got older and moved to Ohio I got some formal training. That's when I started competing.7. What's your favorite part of doing this?Just the people's reaction. It allows me to do what I love to do and profit off of it. It's very easy.8. What are you future plans?I'm training for a film project. I'll be taking off some time here soon. I've got a part in a film doing acting and stunts. I went out to some auditions in Cleveland. When I first met the guys they put me on the team right away. I'd love to do professional stunt work. 9. Where do you practice?Usually I find a big grassy, open field.10. What's your favorite move?The corkscrew. It's a flip with a spin. It took me probably a month to get it to the point I'm comfortable with it. 11. What advice would you give to kids who want to do what you do?Don't attempt it without someone else around. If you want to get into at a young age, go to a gym. That's the safest place to go. They have a controlled environment.

Tell Me About It: Moving and shaker boarding Tell Me About It: Moving and shaker boarding Tell Me About It: Moving and shaker boarding

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