Letter: Postal employees as lost as everyone else

First Posted: 3/17/2011

I expect there is more to our mail problems than is being talked about. I sent a check to Illinois for my insurance last October. They were going to cancel my life and health insurance. I have been retired 25 years and never missed a payment. The check still has not cleared.I sent a check to my granddaughter in Texas last October. That has not cleared the bank.I got a bill this month from the Lima Utilities Department. The city charged a late fee for water and sewer. I never received a bill. Why does the individual get clobbered for something that is not his fault? I pay my bills the day after receiving them. I have copies for three years back. I don't see any relief from our postal system. I have been there twice and talked to them. They seem as lost as the rest of us.

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