Letter: We pay our way, so we support Senate Bill 5

First Posted: 5/1/2011

My wife and I worked 82 hours between us in a recent week. We work private-sector, non-union jobs. We pay 100 percent into our retirement plans. We pay 50 percent to 60 percent of our health care premiums. We both had Ohio state taxes taken out of our checks. Our Ohio state taxes from our lower middle income weekly checks help pay for the upper middle class health care and retirement for the unionized public-sector workers.My wife and I are not expecting the unionized public-sector workers to help pay our health care premiums and retirement plans. All we are asking is that the unionized public-sector workers pay their fair share out of their pockets for their own health care and retirement plans rather than paying them out of our pockets. So we support Senate Bill 5.

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