Letter: Political right reveals society’s true enemies

First Posted: 4/12/2011

My conservative Republican friends and Fox News have again enlightened me on the real world. I had a suspicion as a youngster that teachers were evil and mean. Now there is proof. Fox and the conservatives tell me teachers are what is wrong with our society. They are overpaid, underworked, unreliable, they go home early and, heaven forbid, they belong to unions!I have friends and neighbors who are teachers. Boy, will I view them differently. In fact, I just might keep watch on their activities and when they buy a new car. And I always thought they were pretty nice, hard working, had an interest in our kids and some even did extra like coach or mentor poor students.How could I be so wrong? Well, the Ohio governor, the tea party and Fox News have come along to save the day, and it is about time. When I was a kid, I had a responsibility for my school work. Meanies!

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