Another bowler reaches peak of perfection

First Posted: 1/24/2015

You know I would not have been the least bit bothered if Derek Dukes would have found the lanes one frame earlier or if Onalee S-h-e-p-l-e-r would not have lost a frame when each had their shot at a perfect 900 set.

Those are 900 three game sets that I am sure I would have been happy to see.

Who knows maybe the bowling guy for the Toledo Blade knows Earon Vollmer and is very happy for him. I mean by all accounts the Toledo resident is a great guy deserving of this link with bowling immortality. He certainly has a lot of friends in our area who think a lot of him.

He does not have official claim to the 900 yet as they are awaiting approval from the USBC but it is probable that will be coming very soon. It would be the 27th occasion of one being presented for ABC or USBC approval.

Perhaps that is where the bigger issue may be!

When Glen Allison rolled the first perfecto series back in the early 1980s it was considered to be so preposterous that it never was approved. On the other hand when Matt Latarski of Medina rolled his a handful of years ago, the house did not even ‘pull tape’ or inspect the pins, according to what I was advised at the time of my call to the lane manager.

Simply a sign of the times and traditionalists such as myself are just going to have to get used to it.

Bye the way speaking of the great folks at Southgate, a hearty congratulations goes out to Shane Bugner who rolled an 821 series (279, 279. 264) this past week. Anyway you cut it that seems like at least 31 strikes out of 36. You are worthy Shane, mom and dad must be proud.

And speaking of perfection, Brandon Kennard of Wapak rolled a perfect game in a match against Defiance on Thursday evening as the Redskins remained undefeated on the season.

There was an interesting Facebook post the other day regarding the Findlay USBC endorsed Cooper Tire Masters. It concludes today and it is my understanding that several bowlers from our area are going to return the effort of Jeff Shadbolt and go up there and give the event a shot.

There are so many different rabbit trails that I could go down on this one to include a comment by one of my new best buddies Joel Schwartz but for now I will keep it to one thought.

Sponsorship! It is the USBC Findlay Cooper Tire Masters! I have to say that our local association deserves praise for its efforts of finding corporate sponsors this year and thus praise is due Findlay for being able to grab Cooper Tire. I noticed Holiday Express and Country Inns and Suites were on there as well.

It makes me wonder if it was easy to grab elite sponsors when it is tied to an elite regional event?

The Findlay Masters reminded me that the Auglaize County Masters is coming! This year’s event will be held at Varsity Lanes in St Marys on Feb. 7.

It also got me to wondering as to why some creative bowling mind such as JJ Miller — and by the time you read this I am sure it will have been discussed — could not come up with say The Storm – Roto-Grip Cup.

I mean Auglaize County is already organized — all Findlay would have to do is close the door to anyone who does not bowl or reside in Hancock County. I would wager that the Schroeder clan could button down Putnam County. I honestly believe that we could pull things off in Allen County.

I would love for it to be expanded to Hardin and Mercer counties.

Imagine what you could have!

You hold the Masters in each of the four areas and declare your county winner with the top six going on to roll in the regional masters. You would obviously rotate this location from county to county each year. We could do it alphabetically starting in Lima. Proprietors could bid for the event with that money if permitted going into the prize fund.

On Friday evening there would be the best All Star event that the areas have ever seen. The format would be a simple round robin — with the winner being declared by games won and total wood breaking any ties.

There is no reason not to have a men and women’s division.

On Saturday it would be back to individual play with all participants rolling an eight game block with the top eight bowlers returning Sunday for a round robin and step-ladder final to declare the Regional Masters Champion.

That folks would be a tourney – each county brings its best!

Any takers out there folks?

Let me give props one more time to Temple Christian and the phenomenal high school event that they held last week. The Wapak boys and Coldwater girls may have been crowned the champs and Shawnee indeed continued with its coming out party but it was the class of the Pioneers that won the day.

Looking forward to next season.

In closing, way to go Jim Kaeck! Jim is the coach of the OHSAA Wapak boys bowling team. This past week he was informed that he was the 2014 Coach of the Year. By now Jim and I have had the chance to talk and you will read more of how he feels about the honor later this week.

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