Letter: Tebben does what’s best for city, residents

First Posted: 10/30/2011

I am writing in support of re-electing Tom Tebben as Lima's 4th Ward city councilman. As a businessman with multiple locations throughout the city, I am confidant of Tom's balanced judgment of issues that affect both residents and business. Over the years while supporting the administration on constructive proactive issues, Tom has also taken a stand against issues such as eminent domain, against revoking a liquor license, for compensation for residents with damage from faulty sewers, against a proposed sign ordinance that would have cost businesses significantly, and several other issues. To label Tom a rubber-stamper is absurd. To label him a common-sense, level-headed councilman with a ton of integrity who bases decisions on practical judgment and not out of spite or politics would be accurate.The 4th Ward could not ask for a better asset when it comes to the love of his community, his integrity, his leadership skills and just the quality of person. I'm a pretty good judge of these things, Tom has been my brother-in-law and has been married to my sister for 38 years. I am 100 percent confident in saying a vote for Tebben for Lima City Council is a great decision.Get updated when The Lima News posts new opinion pieces by liking Lima Opinions on Facebook.

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