Letter: Pay off debt like you’re running for office

First Posted: 9/29/2011

I believe I've come up with a way to pay the national debt, eliminate deficit spending and balance the budget without robbing from the American populace. It could also apply to local budgets.Everyone knows, or should know, when a person decides to run for public office, that person needs money. To garner funds, the candidate has the ever popular fundraiser to coerce voters, either by promising favors or plain old con jobs, to give their campaign money. By and large, from all I've seen, they're extremely successful at this. The higher the office, the more money they amass.The last I've heard, President Barack Obama wants to raise a billion (with a B) for his re-election. Anyone running for a congressional seat, if they're worth their salt, can easily raise at least $10 million. What's more, they only use this for election purposes.Since it's obvious they're worthless in Washington, D.C., why don't they just do the same thing after they're elected? That would rid us of all the television rhetoric, alleviate all (or most) of the political infighting and get some productivity out of these people we've hired who always seem to come into office middle class and leave office multimillionaires.

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