Letter: Tying together 9/11 attacks and Ohio Issue 2 vote

First Posted: 9/21/2011

As we finish honoring the victims of the 9/11 tragedy, I'm still proud of our city, county, state and country on how much appreciation has been expressed to the first responders of the New York police and fire departments. New York City and the entire country can be proud of the brave individuals who spit in the face of terrorism to get the job done.I certainly hope everyone in this city, county and state will remember this same pride and gratitude in our own first responders when you go to the polls and vote no on Issue 2 to keep our first responders strong and to support the state of Ohio in their war against the anti-union terrorist, John Kasich.A no vote will teach this union-busting governor that the middle class will not be pushed around.

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