Issue: Ada schools – Income tax

First Posted: 10/1/2011

Each general election, The Lima News provides this section profiling the candidates and issues. The Lima News sent questionnaires to each organization with a levy on the ballot in Allen, Auglaize, Hardin, Putnam and Van Wert counties for this election section. Only names and basic information from the board of elections identify groups that not return a questionnaire. Ada schools - 1.25 percent income taxLevy sought: 1.25 percent income tax (0.75 percent renewal; 0.5 percent new)Purpose: General operating fundsHow much will it raise per year for your organization? $1,328,000 (only about $578,000 will be additional/new)Cost of the levy to taxpayers: $334.88 a year on $30,000 earned income; $709.80 a year on $60,000 earned income.Why does your organization need the levy? As federal and state resources decline and in order to maintain current programming, the school district will be spending more money this year than revenue received. The general fund carryover balance will be utilized for this excess for the school year 2011-2012. With this scenario projected to continue, the carryover balance will be exhausted in a few years.What will happen if the levy fails? As the current levy will not expire until Dec. 31, 2012, the Ada Board of Education will review the options available after the 2011 election. One option is to place a levy, similar to this levy, on the ballot in 2012. In any case, the school district will continue to review areas in which to reduce expenditures as well as seek funding from other sources, such as grants.Submitted by Suzanne Darmer, superintendent

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