Letter: Ohio voters should uphold Senate Bill 5

First Posted: 8/21/2011

Senate Bill 5 is a good bill and should be approved by voters. The reality of our economy makes it clear the excellent health care and pensions public unions enjoy are unsustainable and unfair to taxpayers. Public union participants pay only a fraction of the cost of these two programs and reap enormous risk-free benefits, subsidized by taxpayers, who in turn pay higher rates on health care and pensions that are not guaranteed by the state. It's simple mathematics: The state is beginning to pay more than it takes in. Eventually, the system collapses. Public unions are demanding taxes be raised to ensure these programs continue. There are questions one needs to ask amid all the rhetoric coming from the organizations sponsored by the unions: Why am I expected to ensure the future economic prosperity of these groups while my own is in question? Is the job they do so vital and so excellent that it warrants my parting with even more money? It is long overdue that the public sector live within their means as we do.

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