Letter: Military spending wrong area to cut

First Posted: 8/9/2011

I believe the reality of our national spending/revenue issues has finally set in. We are broke and deeply in debt. Our Congress has finally agreed to some semblance of spending cuts. Perhaps not enough, but at least a beginning. For years, I have read of congressional spending for ridiculous, unnecessary and nonfunctioning programs. It's simply tax dollars down a rat hole. Now I read that perhaps the No. 1 area to be cut will be what is spent on our military. How sad.I am sure one could find some areas within our military organizations' budgets to be cut. However, let us (and our Congress) remember this very important fact: Our great military forces, the backbone of our freedoms, are the lone governmental organizations that actually work best. I mean, really work.Providing for our national defense, that is raising, equipping and training our military forces, has to be our No. 1 national requirement. Especially in this era of high-tech equipment, which is costly, we must continue to train and equip our forces so they can compete and maintain their top readiness status. To do less will certainly spell a dismal future for America.Keep our military forces strong, well-equipped and ready.

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