Letter: We should keep our help in U.S.

First Posted: 6/20/2011

This nation is going broke. We are drowning in debt, yet we waste billions of dollars on space travel. What have we gained from all this? We have lost lives and lost space capsules that were unmanned. Why?We send billions of dollars every year to countries that hate us while we have millions of people in the U.S. losing everything they have.People here are hungry and out of work. We have kids who go to sleep every day without enough to eat. Every city and town has homeless people who could benefit from some of these billions spent on others.Who made us a guardian of this world? I think we should help those less fortunate, but shouldn't charity begin at home?We send our jobs overseas while we have thousands who cannot find a job. Who helps us when we have misfortunes? Who helped those who suffered from devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and floods? We help others, but no one comes to our aid.People in big government get cost-of-living adjustments, but people on Social Security struggle without them. Why?I am tired of hearing about people who are forced to leave everything they worked for because no one helps them. It's time we stepped up and helped the U.S.God bless us even though we are becoming a nation that no longer believes in and serves a God of faith.

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