Letter: Lowe understands residents’ fire concerns

First Posted: 4/13/2011

I read with great interest Lima Mayor David Berger's irritation with Councilman Jesse Lowe II's signature-gathering effort to save Fire Station No. 5. Lowe obviously understands people living and working on the east side of the railroad tracks need fire protection. Lima has made several studies about having an overpass on or near the Bellefontaine Avenue crossing to help with ambulances going to Lima Memorial Health System.There is no underpass yet, and there are still massively long waits on trains with no way to get around them. How are fire trucks supposed to get over the stopped trains? I have driven to state Route 81 and also Fourth Street to get around a stopped train when I was still working on the west side of town, and I have waited more than 30 minutes to get home. How fast can a fire burn when there is a train blocking the tracks for 4 or 5 miles? And if there are only two firefighters assigned to the station and they need three to start fighting a fire, why not have a third firefighter? Aren't they all firefighters? Aren't they paid according to rank? Fix the train delay, then talk about closing the only protection the east side of the tracks has. I wonder if this would be a problem if all of the fire departments were on the east side of the tracks and only one on the west side. Would those so adamant about closing Fire Station No. 5 be so fast to close their only protection? I think not.

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