Letter: School concessions punish Lima teachers

First Posted: 3/13/2011

The community is seeing efforts from the Lima schools to address the $3.8 million shortfall for next year. The administrators' union is taking a 2 percent pay cut and a freeze on their step increases, for a savings of $66,000. The following will or could happen with teachers and classified employees: restructuring, buyouts, terminations, reconfiguration of classified staff and pay cuts for a possible savings of $2.8 million to $3.2 million. This still appears short, and not very equitable. Let me share something else that's not equitable. There are 44 administrative positions: two superintendents, two treasurers, 19 principals, nine supervisors, five directors, five psychologists, one facilitator and one secretary who have their entire retirement contribution portion being paid by the school system. This is an additional $352,000 yearly to our schools.Lima teachers contribute 10 percent to their retirement. Lima teachers are the lowest paid in the area and among the lowest paid in Ohio. To ask teachers and classified staff to take the bulk of the concessions with $452,000-plus in perks to the administration is wrong. One would hope the administration would address this inequality with a more generous offer than the 2 percent that was proposed. Regardless of the outcome, we better start paying attention to the administration's role with this dilemma.

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